The Gift of Peace


I meant to get this up earlier but have been holding back  and I apologize for it. So many of you have been asking about the progress.  For those who don’t know I have been working on a project with the wonder fly tying magician Ben @ 57 Flies. It’s going to be a non-profit project incorporated with my love of fishing (of course) and stripers. Writing this minor pre-launch has been hard, and the go ahead harder. It’s been baby steps. But I feel compelled to share just how much fishing keeps that hope alive and better days are here and now. I am grateful to be here to write this. So for all of you who have been listening to my excitement about this for the last year… here is a rough picture peak of just how beautiful they (deceiver and baby bunker) came out. The vision was the connection to fishing, how it gives you hope. Morone saxatilis are my fish, my passion, elusive on some levels. The “deceiver ” represents the veil of secrecy behind every domestic violence survivor and the “baby bunker” the child witness.




Thank you Ben  – you have been very patient w/me and I sincerely admire that you took this project on.


In the last 7 years I have met many people who have shared my sentiments -“fishing saved my life”.  There is never a time I doubt them for whatever their reason is. Through some of the darkest days it kept hope alive in me quietly.  I have faith in all things good but in particular this fish, the striped bass. Their journey has settled into me daily.  I don’t want to lose sight of what it all means and the people who were there for me, silently supporting me. They are truly the ones who showed me kindness, love, and compassion. The very best of family, friends, fishermen, bloggers, message boards members, advocacy and law enforcement are made of. They believed in me when I didn’t anymore. My cup of gratitude runneth over for them.

As I slowly move forward with the project a phrase often said was “no one will ever love you” and what I learned was someone always did – I did… and it took time for me to realize that I was worthy of that. Once I did my heart was overflowing with the realization of the love my family and friends had for me,  and the belief in this project. Teaching myself Fly fishing and Surf Fishing has taught me how important it is to believe in yourself. Try hard to never let someone take that from you or let someone use words or violence to make you submissive. YOU are a beautiful soul. Find your passion in life and embrace it, let it define you.There are going to be times we can’t sugar coat everything. I have done a damn good job of that in the past on this blog itself. I went so far recently to go back and edit/delete some of my entries because .. I was faking it. Put your best “smile forward” – not always a great idea when writing. Go back and look in the past but don’t stay long as we have today right now !Story

I will never be able to thank everyone enough, but I am going to try my hardest doing so. In the midst of all of it a loss was felt with the passing of a true hero.  She believed in this project and supported the vision of it. Her encouragement, guidance and capacity to give of herself to the community will always be with every life she touched. She was more than an advocate she was “an everyday saint” to many of us. It’s hard to believe she is not here any more because I can remember her smile, he laughter, the tears she shed with us and the belief she had for a life, violence free. In my heart I believe she is checking in on all of us and I hope she can see what a wonderful miracle she put into motion here.


This past Thanksgiving and this coming Christmas are the most special in a very long time. I am truly grateful. Grateful for my everyday hero’s I admire the most in life K, M and S- beautiful  wonders of the world and a testament of unconditional love. My days of late still out fishing just about daily and will write about that more soon with winter knocking at the door. My education on the sand has been remarkable… and I remain a student with a new discovery always at my finger tips. It’s still what this blog is about, my fishing journey. But we all have a story and I hope that in some way by doing this it can help someone. That someone reads the words to not give up hope, to reach out to DV support and accept their help, those of your loved ones, friends, law enforcement.

Call : 1-800-799-7233

Be brave and know you are worthy of a beautiful life. ♥

If you’re interested in learning more about the project stay tuned and thank you – through fishing there is hope.