Fluke, HS Crabs and Seine



Seine fishing for observation purposes have produced a wonderful variety of fish in abundance.  Silversides, snapper blues, grass shrimp, and more. It’s a good indication of what’s going on in the waters I have been fishing. A healthy environment. From what I have learned the area was hard hit after hurricane sandy so this helps with logging, changes and recovery.  It’s kinda mesmerizing watching the silvers jump out of the water in unison from the little snapper blues. A dance the fish do daily. Bluefish are ferocious fish that corner their prey to shallow water and charge them.

While observing I have had the pleasure to witness a few birds doing their thing on the water.. looking for fish to grab. Black Skimmers a bunch of osprey and least tern. All with fish. The Black Skimmers just glide across the water as graceful food hunters. The tern just make a straight line down into the water. The osprey just take what they want no matter the size of the fish. In my tackle bag goes the fish book and now bird book.

All this going on daily. Early evenings or before the sun comes up being the best observation times.

At the same time on the beach side the surf had been loaded with bunker for days. And the birds worked it, as did I.




After the Arthur passed through I noticed so many small horseshoe crabs all over. At first thinking they did not make it as so many of the fiddlers were broken up. Went right to the source and asked a Marine Biologist friend and learned more than expected about them.  A small blurb and a link for more info:

The horseshoe crab must molt (shed its chitinous exoskeleton) to grow. Molting occurs several times during the first two to three years. As the horseshoe crab grows larger, the time between molts increases. Horseshoe crabs will molt 16 to 17 times over a period of nine to 11 years before they are fully-grown and sexually mature (Shuster, 1950). It should be noted that the often-cited age of sexual maturity is based on a series of molted shells from a single captive specimen. Females reach maturity one year later than males and, consequently, experience one additional molt (Shuster, 1955).

Once sexual maturity is reached, horseshoe crabs no longer molt (or molt rarely). It is estimated that their lifespan beyond this point can be up to eight years. Once they stop molting, the horseshoe crabs provide an ideal surface to which epifaunal slipper shells (Crepidula fornicata) can attach themselves. By determining the age of these univalves, the age of the horseshoe crab can also be established. Therefore, the lifespan of horseshoe crabs may be 17 to 19 years in the northern part of their range, accepting the estimate of 9 to 11 years to reach sexual maturity (Shuster, 1950).

Like many animals, horseshoe crabs exhibit sexual dimorphism. Males are generally smaller than females at maturity, which is most likely a result of the females undergoing one more molt than males. The mean prosomal widths of the adult males is only 75 to 79 percent of that of the adult females (Shuster, 1982). In addition, males have specialized clasper claws to aid them in attaching to females during egg fertilization.





Mud snails


Fluke fishing has been pretty fantastic. Days of the smallest on the boat being 24″ and throwing back 18″ and 19″ who can complain. The sweet taste of summer flounder is a warm memory of being a kid and it rushes back each and every summer.

IMG_8903~3 (2)

Movies on the beach was a blast….



I am not sure if  water heals what is broken inside of you or if it’s on your own/time this takes place. When I look back and read some of the things I have written I realize how much time passes. I realized too that I am glad I did not delete the entry on pain. It helped me to open up and talk about it… and to the people who asked me to keep it up and not delete it – thank you.

The time spent fly fishing alone taught me so much about myself and how to be strong. And now the surf fishing is again challenging me in so many positive ways. I am sincerely grateful for this simple, quiet life I have now.  I know some of the most amazing, positive people life has to offer  from all over the world  and each day they inspire me to  want to be a better soul. The journey continues….♥





When someone cries because you said something nice to them,

they’re someone who you need to protect because they haven’t seen enough kindness in the world.