Spring, The Valhalla Project and FLYERS!!!


In about 24 hours or so spring arrives. After this very long, cold, snowy winter I am going to embrace it like no other spring on record. Finding myself right there and ready. Not even looking at long-term projection on temperature .. blah blah blah this is it.. right where I want to be. All new and I am going to embrace every minute of it.

“But you’re wrong if you think that the joy of life comes principally from human relationships.

God’s placed it all around us.

It’s in every thing.

In anything we can experience. people just need to change the way they look at those things.”

— Into the Wild

These last couple years have given me the opportunity to find some peace and confidence in fishing, outdoors, life and most of all with people. Recently someone said to me .. “you remind me of the book Walden. You were in this place and had to be very quiet for so long and just trust yourself. And you made it and learned lessons, and you never let the light go out.” I thought about this for a while and reflected upon the inside. Started to think about how empowering it is for your heart and soul to be  with yourself for sometime. I took an extended amount of time… to find my way alone. On the water, in the woods, on a trail… just trusting myself. Eliminating much negativity and really being one on the water produced some of the best moments of the last few years of my life.  

You never need to apologize for how you chose to survive.- Clementine von Radics

There are days I wake up and  lay in bed a few extra minutes.  The sun is just peaking in and think to myself as always.. I am so grateful to be alive. I try and carry it with me and not let anyone take that thought away.  I walk around with a goofy smile the entire day. This is my story… and a thousand times over this fish has saved me…


Ice has all melted…


This spring starts a wonderful new chapter in my life and I will be sharing much of it right here and in the chapters of my book.

Reflecting on my world map of people who stop by to read this very simple blog – I am sincerely humbled by the number of countries filled in. My map is almost filled! Fishing is one of the most wonderful experiences in life. It continues to save, inspire and challenge me. It has also brought some of the very best people into my life the world has to offer.


I thought I would share a very worth cause. Please take to the time to read more on the site and do what you can if possible.  Supporting our Veterans is something near to all of our hearts and this is a hands on  look and see where the support goes to place.

The Valhalla Project !

“This Valhalla Project has established a very special retreat and reintegration facility for post-911 combat Soldiers and war zone civilian workers transitioning back into the civilian world.”

You can check on the Critical List if you would like a direct connect.

The site:


Their Facebook:


PLEASE spread the word, follow them, etc..

I can’t even complete this without mentioning something I rarely talk about on here BUT the excitement level is over the top


Next blog a rod builder that has the attention of many anglers!