Mend the Line

Technique is a bitch of a master and you need someone to lay it down for you. *Chime in the FF mentors who have been patient to help me. I am grateful for any time and instruction. Everything I am learning along the way is working as long as I practice consistently. It was a bit difficult when a new favorite place was closed off due to snow on the access road so I have been going back to the place I know best. Need to beat the sun before it sets some days.


Days of late I am the only foot prints in the snow but the water welcomes me as it always has. And the time practicing has also been a time for me to get answers from the universe because…

“…it is not fly fishing if you are not looking for answers to questions.”

Roll cast has become more comfortable and in places completely alone I can often with much more confidence.

It is my impression after hearing so many people say “I would never fly fish because..(insert many reasons why).”  BECAUSE you’re not just going throw a line and land a fish. It begs you to challenge yourself personally and work at something one on one. It’s practice, its movement, it’s a walk on the water.


Obi-Wan’s next lesson is Mend the Line and  I will be a student but inside I continue to mend.  And it is through this simple Rod/Reel I have learned to accept the friendships the water has introduced into my life. To walk peaceful and gently. To find strength in myself on days I thought I had none. And to see with the richness of clarity.

learned there are two main principles to follow while mending your line. Use upstream mends to compensate for faster flowing surface current between  myself and the end of the fly line. Use downstream mends to compensate for slower flowing surface current between myself  and the end of the fly line. I am learning to understand the dynamics of line mending is to practice drifting as many different types of water as possible. which is a challenge this time of year.

And this is another vital part of my life learning to read the water and where place myself.

My path is  leading me to enlightenment on the water both salt and fresh . It’s letting go of the wrong way you learned how to do things and making corrections in yourself. Old habits die-hard but with knowledge, instruction and discipline comes success.






I don’t know about anyone else but after these cold weeks, snow storms, ice etc….  I am thinking..003 (2)