Slide the Line

It’s been some time since I put some words down. Life is speeding by lately. That’s a good thing in so many ways. Although there have been a few moment of why still. Fishing, hiking, loving hockey, still embracing all that is good.


It’s a couple of days after Thanksgiving and my list is forever growing – being thankful. Eyes wide open to all that surrounds me and I am humbled by it constantly.  Family, some of the best friends a person can ever be blessed by, fishing… life so many blessings.

After my last write-up about passion I received some great and not so great feedback. I can only explain how life makes me feel. Until you have been to the very edge with one last breath….and you have no control on which way that is going to go—> you may never truly understand (my perception). I can’t help you to see what a beautiful gift your life is minute by minute. How you make it what it is, how being around negativity or allowing that to become a part of your routine is a death sentence. Embrace what you love about life… be your own hero.I learned to wear that cape….and notice one on others. If you want it, it’s there for the taking. Surround yourself with people that support it and believe in you. Be yourself.  Life is beautiful on the most basic level.


As a student of life I have a few shares, pictures and  music. When it gets cold and everything is frozen some report to come. But for now…

Conrad Gesner (1553)


US ‘sea bass’ makes history as first of its kind to swim to Dover… then get caught!

A FISH native to North America has shocked British anglers by showing up on this side of the pond for the very first time.

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