Lack of Passion is Fatal

*Just a few thoughts..other than stripers for once, maybe.

I run full throttle on things I enjoy. I give it my all. Never in my life did I question it until recently when I got called out on it. Huge brake check examination of me for 2 solid days. But… let me explain to you how I wake up a good 85-90 % of my days feeling lucky to be alive.  I decided as a choice best for me that anything good – I was going to fully embrace and make it not only quality, but fun.  Also when it comes to people, if you are a part of my life I am going to treat you like you belong there.  If I am fishing with you… even if there is no bite I am still in the place I love most. Not goofy happy but probably more sarcastic happy.

So I digress… being passionate about life, fishing, people are part of who I am and there is no changing. And if I cut you out of my life, chances are you handed me the scissors because I don’t give up on people until it’s absolutely necessary for me.  Life is going to throw you some major shit – so hold on. Keep your head above the water. Embrace the people who are there for the good and the bad and stick around. They are the rocks and foundation of who you are. You let them in. Make them want to stay. Treat them kindly and give back.

Enthusiasm is fun,  adrenaline-driven dope when you discover the beauty of life. Participate and good things happen. Happiness and passion are not pressure, it’s what I know. One life, my life- in control of it as much as possible.

Stripers are here and I feel the excitement of the run.