The wait, the want, the hook up

“When you write from your gut and let the stuff stay flawed and don’t let anybody tell you to make it better, it can end up looking like nothing else.” -Louis C. K.


It’s crazy when you interact with people all over the globe and the fishing reports are always rolling in 24/7. It’s perfect conditions and someone is hooked up on a blue marlin in one breath. Then you get a report with a long email from someone way up north and the minutes have dwindled on the water. Cold is setting in and they sit at the vice now. No more fish pictures. You read the strain of the final days and say it will be spring in no time. Like it even helps.


But I am waiting on striped bass here. Picking off days freshwater fishing to pass time. I too know this time well, the waiting and wanting.

And most of us talk about living somewhere where we can fish more often. It’s what drives us. It’s not the other parts of our lives it’s the fish.

And you start to really think about it and talk to people who have done it. Was it all they dreamed it would be.

There is usually more to the story. Like the compromises they make to live their life according to other people.

The past has taught me that if you are not doing what you love and living that life you want you become part of another plan.

Not your plan.

And what happens when your spark goes out?

What happens when you suppress the need to fish, hunt, etc…. you sit and write about it, dream about it, hope for it. Hope is such a dangerous word to have in your vocabulary because it means YOU don’t believe anymore.


I have taken that word out of my vocabulary when it comes to accomplishing this that drive my passion. I am not going to “hope”… instead I am realising it is exactly what it is.

We have to wait for stripers, fluke season, sea bass tuna… etc. It gets cold, winter suxs. But if you want to hold the striped ones you have to learn its part of their rules. And they break them and change them. Because they are fish and they can.

AJ Camera Mics Fishing 068

Much different when people do it.

I am not frustrated, I wait patiently. For the tide to change and to move me a long and I am so good with it.

I am ready.