Life starts…

all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.-F. Scott Fitzgerald


Tip toe writing some days in the past. I see it now. So many years not really getting to write completely how I felt and so gently abstract. Life comes at you a million miles an hours and the moment you stop and look back you see. All the words left unsaid. Sometimes it better to be silent. Tears wash that all away and you see the bright spots.   It was always right there waiting for you. Life. It conspires to bring you just where you need to be.

There are days now a happy contentment settles inside me. I am throwing the line alone and have learned so many things. The art of being completely quiet, the simplicity of tying a knot, failing to land a fish on my own but also enjoying the victory of bringing one in. All these months I am grateful for the life lessons. I remain an eager student.

I am reminded by my close friends of how far I came. A while back when I wrote about pain, it was so deep. And all these little steps were a process but also a journey. If you get through this life without feeling an intense amount of pain inside, you are truly blessed. In the same line of thought the process of settling up with pain gives you strength. No one is going to hold your pain, you have to make peace and let it go like that first fish of the season.

There really is something so beautiful about fly fishing. It’s been natures therapy for me through all this. You cannot be in the water without feeling life running through your veins and a million sunrises and sunsets follow. In the element of your quest you learn to trust yourself. For me it still new, learning to trust myself and my judgement. Not just on the water.

If there is one thing this year has taught me is to be who you are. Don’t ever let anything hold you back from embracing the best parts of yourself. Relight the fire and get to the water and find yourself in the reflection.

I fall to sleep thinking of the journey my favorite fish are making. It’s going to be a whole new experience for me this fall Striper fishing. My life really has come full circle with this fish as it brought me right back to where I started. That book above is a real mystery the way it keeps popping in my life.  And if you know me on a deep and caring level you know how much this fish saves me. How that book and fish changed me and continue to come right back into my life when I needed it the most. (TY)

Striped Bass.


A couple interesting stories, some end of summer pictures of “America” and a song.

Peter Gibson Roadsworth is a street artist from Montreal, Canada and has produced amazingly creative artworks based on the current street landmarks and road markings.

Love this*

hook street

Photographer Antony Sojka’s current work ‘Tide’, part of his final studies at Ostkreuzschule for photography, is a photo-essay about people living in a unique place called Halligen. Halligen are ten very small, flat islands in the German North Sea, where sometimes two, sometimes 100 inhabitants live. Life is shaped by solitude and controlled by the tides, a special place, where the daily routine is different than anywhere else. To provide an insight into this special space and its inhabitants, Antony is traveling to Halligen for over one year now, always making new friendships and getting an understanding that Halligen could slowly disappear over time due to demographic problems.

* Picture’s are just beautiful of a very different life.. story is a small wonder in this great big world: