The Beauty of the Bluegill

First… let’s put some rumors to rest. Yes last weekend provided some great entertainment, yes there was laughter, no – no spot burning and no the pouring rain did not stop me for a second. This is what you get when you don’t give up…It was a giant. Go no matter what, put rain gear on because DAMN IT you have to. Because its fishing and it’s better than just about everything except a few things… kinda kidding here. These bluegill never let you down. If you have a need during a rainstorm, like I constantly do it’s an instant (but temporary) fish fix.  People make fun of these fish but the are the best starter fish. No they are no BFT or Marlin.. but it’s still fishing.


Summer is winding down and it takes with it the memories of many a day of storms and swollen creeks and rivers.



The early spring tested me in ways that life sometimes does. I have been making my way through it and sincerely find myself in a beautiful place inside so I thought I would share a few lessons and some pictures.

  1. Striped bass have the power to completely change everything in your life and make it all better.
  2. In this world exist some remarkable, caring people in the most unlikely places. Open yourself up to their friendship.
  3. Don’t let the past spoil your now. Make peace with your past and be done.
  4. Get outdoors, it will save you on the darkest days.
  5. Do not be afraid to do it alone because that is when the world presents its most beautiful gifts (and fish). Let it happen.
  6. Laugh.
  7. Learn something new everyday. But don’t be a know it all.
  8. You can only control YOU. What other people do, say, how they act, it’s on them. Let it be on them.
  9. Dream
  10. Thank people
  11. The fish are always there somewhere waiting for you, even simple bluegill. Go do it.
  12. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.