Fifty Seven Flies


57 Flies is a masterful creator of flies.  I would see these custom-made flies flash across my screen. Mutual follow and I learned the story of the man behind them. Based in Florida he recently took a passion and started sharing it with the public.  It was at the urging and recommendation of friends and admirers of his craft that saw what he could create and waited in line to get one of his flies.

Ben is very humble about his talent. Kinda just puts up what he does and makes it look beautiful. No look at me, Rah rah, just hey.. brief description and little words.

He has a special  talent of tweaking fly patterns and creating new flies. And that is where his real passion lies and what he is best at – creating! Taking the vision his client has and working with them to produce an irresistible fly. He will work step by step with what you have in your head and create a whole new fly for you. If there is something that these new patterns create it is a sense of  more possibilities. He will construct these flies to the bait/hatches and physical characteristics of the water you fish. Then using subtle modifications in materials or joining together the parts of different patterns and your vision he goes to work at the vice. The end product is a whole new 57 Flies original.




Ben has been working on a really special project with me and he never lost patience. I contacted him about this idea I had to combine something that impacted my life and my love of striped bass. He created magic.  He took what I described to him and produced two whole new flies that have significant meaning besides being extremely useful. I can’t wait to share them with the world and with the striped bass.

Ben has been great to work with he is laid back, creative, it’s all about the product. Lots of patience!

I wish 57 flies much success !!

Thank you Ben for opening shop!

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