Montauk Tackle Company

Ron thank you so much for the shirt I am almost too afraid to wear fishing. It’s it really top quality and will be perfect for Striper fishing! So… I am saving it for my first trip out of the fall run. I need a new lucky shirt and it would be great to make it this one! Here it is looking brand new, pre any fish guts. IT fits perfect, next photo of it I will be in it!

Here is a link to the Montauk Tackle Company site –

I am always curious to find the beginnings of a successful business connected to the fishing industry and outdoor life. It is often missed or not a company web page. Ron was very good about answering my questions, thank you.


Last week was a great week of many magical things when the world gives back. I am so humbled when someone shows kindness my way. It makes me want to give it right back to the world.

The internet is this place where I have connected with some of the most interesting and inspiring fishing people on the planet. Social networking has brought my passion for fishing to a whole new level. There is always a new story, adventure, and challenge. I am right there with you!

As my hopes and dreams come together I am going to focus my next couple of blog write ups a bit different. I will spotlight some people I have connected with through fishing/blogging that are truly talented and driven to take their passion and make if their life.

Something we all dream of!

Nothing more here… all I have is stripers on my mind, it does not help that I read a lot of reports out of cape cod and they catching some monsters.  Patience.