Wise words Mr. K

“There’s just nothing like the feel of a trout dancing through the river, making your pole pulse like a heart in your hands.
It does to your hands what dreams of eternity do to your heart.
And yet, I killed the trout.
It’s strange to kill your dance partner, but that’s what I did.
I did it because the world is strange.
Because the world does not allow you to make up your own rules based on how you would wish things to be. Because this is a world where no matter who you are, your happiness, your survival, is based on sacrifice – sweet, bleeding sacrifice.”
-The River Why-David James Duncan
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I have a limited amount of words this week. Mostly reflective.
The summer feels like it is winding down already with cool night and sounds of the katydids. After much trial and error this summer I put my pride aside and admitted recently a real need for a Fly Fishing mentor.  I am probably being much harder on myself than is necessary but I want to keep learning. There is just something so beautiful about throwing that line and constantly moving.  I also imagine a striper on the fly would be amazing.
For the night sky lovers and the romantics Perseid meteor shower will grace us again with hopes of clear nights and many upon many wishes.
I find my happiness directly related to learning something new each day. There are days I learn things I did not want to know.  But most days are filled with wonder. I am thankful for that.
I give you The Last Horse Fishermen, some photo’s from a hatchery visited, and a song.
“A man can fall many times in life, but he’s never a failure until he refuses to get back up.” Evel Knievel