Morone saxatilis

With temp drops to 58 last night I could not help but think about…

Atlantic striped bass, striper, linesider, rock, pimpfish, rockfish, striper.


The season is approaching and I find myself getting into some deep reading and conversations about my favorite fish. That fall feeling that will embrace us before we know it. The chill of the morning air, dew on the grass, anticipation of their arrival. Their journey up and down the atlantic.

It brings the record holders back from sleepy towns,away from busy lives. It gives hope to the seasonal angler. It is an indescribable feeling of the excitement to go striper fishing.

For me it means something much different this year. It’s the start of some significant life changes.  And with those changes  new techniques, new approaches, more knowledgeable and a yearning to complete the mission.

My excitement is also building with the launch of a new endeavor and I am timing it perfectly with the arrival of my favorite fish in the ocean.

Their journey, and mine. Keep going, even when the tide is against you.

I never want to forget that first striper trip in Delaware Bay (thank you). A short, thrown back but- I had at last managed to reel one in. And one of the most memorable trips for me in the Cape May Rips where I landed my real first keeper. Those were some really great fishing trips. Life moves quickly and with it changes, we settle in make our peace and look to the horizon.  Looking forward will always help you to see what potential lies in all of us.

Fishing can at times bring out the very best in  people, as in my heart I believe it should. It is something we should remember and  reflect upon in our lives. So while I have shared many a tale of my fishing adventures there is always a new one to be written. 

Life changes, we get busy with its challenges and peaks, we make our way through it with some tears, pain, healing and  laughter… but the fish are still there. Just doing their thing all along.

It’s what keeps us going back.

It’s hope.

It never leaves us deep inside, the happiness of hooking up a beautiful striped bass.