The “E” List

In the news this week there were multiple stories of people checking off their bucket list and totally banging themselves up. Things they probably should have done in their much younger days. I guess looking back on my life with great perspective I did things in order with some of those things. Thankfully. But there is still time.

I am settled into (but not really) things I’d like to not only experience but keep in my life.  The list is always growing.  All in perspective of incorporating what is realistic because wouldn’t we all love to do some crazy fishing adventure that cost a ton and took us places unimaginable.  I have a healthy attitude towards what I can right now and what I can’t. EVERY single time fishing is an adventure and I am learning to trust myself more and what I am capable of.

Because my passion is fishing, most of my list involves some kind of experience.But there is more to me than just fishing-so as before I pick up the list and add-on some new things:


  1. Bonfire on the beach at night
  2. Camping more
  3. Learn to read the river/streams/water
  4. Inspire new people to fishing
  5. This sounds really corny but watch fireworks with someone romantically (LOL)
  6. Grow some lilacs
  7. Keep working on the book
  8. Learn to make a GREAT marinara
  9. Go to the movies (it’s been way too long)

… just a few!


Now the fishing list is long. But the # one thing is Fly Fishing. It’s the subtle beauty in the rhythm of the motion. The chance of the excitement of landing a fish that comes with that. It’s the one on one with the water. It’s the allure of the surroundings. It is the quiet moment of life outdoors. This I would love to do forever.


Enjoy the SUPER MOON!!!

The telescope has been dragged in and out every night the last few. How little we are in this great big beautiful world full of wonder! I’ll be smiling looking up thankful.


“If I fished only to capture fish, my fishing trips would have ended long ago.” Zane Grey



“We all shine on…like the moon and the stars and the sun…we all shine on…come on and on and on…”