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At some point in your life something is going to happen to change it. It happens to every single one of us. Something or someone is going to turn your life upside down.  It’s going to bring you places unimaginable. Resist the urge to let it own you. What you do with such a major life event will determine the rest of your life and what you hold in your heart.  

I am right there. With each breath testing my first delicate steps. Reminding myself to breath.


Blogs are a lot of fluff.  The hard stuff can be difficult to write (for me).  My focus has always been on “this day”, fishing and every single solitary second I am grateful to be here, alive.

I took away the “like button”. It was never the purpose of writing. If you are reading this and like it I am happy. If it helps you I am grateful. But I don’t want to ever gage  myself or what I write by “likes”. This was always an outlet to get through the day. Some way a small voice. I wanted to stay focused on the positive. I always do and still am. 

My friend he calls life events that test you “war stories”. It’s probably one of the most accurate ways to put it. They are stories you put on the shelf and leave there. You pull the strength from within and get through them. Promising not to have to take a good look at them. The only time they creep into your head is when someone else is themselves going through it. Then you reach inside and offer compassion. You remember to turn something unpleasant into something good. It’s all you have to give. But you quickly put it back where it belongs. Leave it there.

And so I shed the thin veil through word. I see better now. Think clearer. Little steps and words of my journey which began so long ago. Chapters of a life.

Brackish is a mixture of seawater and freshwater,

and an estuary is a body of water where fresh and

saltwater mix…. where a river meets the sea.

MAY 23, 2009
Fishing gives me strength, provides me with an open space to think clearly, gives me hope… it sets me free.
I am always impressed with musicians who evolve and constantly put out new and beautiful music. First Miley Cyrus-The Backyard Sessions – Just WOW- a few of her favorite old tunes and for the first time I listened to her. Just beautiful!
Next is Darius Ruker- my go to song lately, just love it ♥:
Last would be Aaron Lewis :