Anyone can be a fisherman in May

…. Ernest Hemingway



Along this journey of life I am gaining some real introspective. Hopefully not too late. A great part of  what I love in life is fishing.  I yearn for the freedom to fish often, the connection to outdoors and fulfillment it gives me. It has been a struggle to put it all together. Still is. It makes me wonder if I am selfish in my passion. Do other people sincerely feel the interconnection the way I do?


It has never been about anything but the connection. The internal contentment I experience on the water overflows. Sharing that with other people over the years has been a source of great happiness. When we can experience the passion on the water together, mindful of our own feelings and look over and smile and know. It can been exhilarating offshore or a simple drift, a fast-moving river or quiet, calm lake. It’s every drop of water.

So many people I have talked to long to get out there… and experience that magic. Waiting for a season, weather, work, obligations, etc.   It is impossible to describe. But yet it feels so good you want to share it with someone. Even if it means standing next to each all day with out a word exchanged. Just a glance and nod. I love that kind of happiness. It is a luxury to me on so many levels.


So all this and lots of reading lately about fishing and life stuff  makes me think about why. Why now? Why are we? And how connected we become because of fishing. The freedom to experience happiness outdoors. There is no price tag on it, you can do it with a stick-string, and patience.

Through fishing I have met some of the most wonderful people life can offer. Time with them on the water has brought me some great laughs and beautiful memories. Life is forever changing and sometimes we cannot see what is waiting for us next. But there is a freedom to embrace in that also. The the vastness of the sea and absence of seeing over the horizon, yet you know something is there. For you.

Enjoy the days , they go quickly…. be kind, laugh a lot and love often. Be true to yourself. Never lose hope.

One of the most profound things I have read in quite sometime was a comment on YouTube… people of the world thank you!

“Oh,my dear friend. Logic and life are so different. There is no reason for us to live I dare to say. But isn’t it a good thing? Freedom creeps everyone out…but when you realize that you have it and everything just doesn’t make any sense,you are in the most close path to live well. You are free,my friend,don’t try to find reason or logic in your life,because there isn’t any. We are not so important to be part of a plan…Just keep breathing and make every gasp count.”

…and only as you gasp your dying breath shall you understand, your life amounted to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean!

Yet what is any ocean but a multitude of drops? Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell



* Hemingway photo – source unknown-part of the JFK Library collection


4 thoughts on “Anyone can be a fisherman in May

  1. I just wrote about my addictions. I’ve been fishing once this year. It was April. I didn’t catch a thing.

    1. The thought is always there. I guess that’s why we write about it. 🙂

  2. Hemmingway spent much time fishing and writing around Bimini in Bahamas. Couple shots
    from Bimini Big Game Club.

    1. Thank you for the pictures. 🙂 His thoughts were so reflective of the moment at his life he was at.

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