Complexity of Interaction

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.” -John Muir


This is where I find my peace

The core

Found deep in the woods surrounded by trees

Out far on the ocean with the Canyons below

With my hands in soil of a vegetable garden

On top of a mountain resting to touch the clouds.

Collecting things along the way that hold memories of adventure

Living as a spectator to the wonder of the changes of the season

The night sky

Life challenges and inspires me.

People with the presence of sunbeams shinning from their hands,  and a smile as a simple human gesture of interaction also do. Happiness.

I have become more selective, filtering, honoring in the red flag system of intuition. I used to gauge my daily happiness by those I encountered. Listening to a litany of complaints people carry around with them. Often I would find myself carrying their load by virtue of circumstance.  All emotionally draining.  At times I have been hard pressed to find people who can see the world with the utmost respect for our lives. Simple or grand.  The beauty of it.  The balance of breath and days collide.

I speak less now and observe more in personal interaction. By doing so I see this unspoken need for people to know they are important, cared about, matter. So delicate the interactions of everyday can be. Filling the need of being connected.

But this was also my struggle in the past.  I had never made it important to share that with another person. I was always grateful to be in their presence with them at command. Until I saw I was suffering long after they were gone. Because the stripped truth of it is – in order for you to matter I have to too.

This may seem like a bunch of unorganized thoughts, and it is. I am trying to focus on where I have often found great measures of happiness.   Also why so many people have this untitled satisfying ” home” in nature. I get it, I understand. I know others do too. It’s comforting even when bitter cold or hot. The rewards are in the visuals, smells, touch, amplified sounds. When I am away from it I ache for it.

The beauty of nature is- it always there. It does not judge you, want you, need you. It just loves you everyday and waits for you to take it all in.

And myself, I am loving every minute of it.




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    1. The internet never ceases to amaze as well as people. THAT was simply beautiful! Thank you for that. 🙂

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