“The world is quiet here.” -LS

Like reading books some moments in life take time to get through. There are chapters you wish to read quickly, anxiously turning each page. Then you relish pages, slowly reading in between lines to make it last longer. But sometimes just when the book gets good, it  just comes to an end. In that moment you know it’s just going to take some time to take in everything that you just read. You sit there, book closed, lost on thought. It’s then … you need the quiet. Quiet is beautiful.

Quiet can be very satisfying. It give clarity and brings peace. It can give you the time alone to really reflect. Lately I have spent a lot of alone, quiet. Time, thinking. It served it’s purpose and has brought me some clarity. I have some work to do on myself, not ashamed to admit that.

Friends say things very wisely, maybe without knowing. What you thought might have been a compliment may really have been and invitation to look at yourself a bit more.  My friend who has lived a long and wonderful life recently said “Your heart is bigger than you are”.  I keep thinking about this and trying to understand if I am doing something right or wrong…

FF turned into a trek of exploration @ Valley Forge National Park