GEOFISH – Mexico Volume 1-The Review

This past August I stumbled upon a rare gem of the internet. It piqued my interest so much I shared it here (August 2012) and waited the arrival of the release of

GEOFISH – Mexico – Volume 1

Description from their site:

The plan is simple: bridge the language gap, convince the Federales that you’re not trying to smuggle cooking oil into the country to corner the market on cheap fish tacos and at the same time, spend little money, sponge off the local delicacies and see if you can kill stomach cramps with a combination of tequila and lack of sleep. Trying their best to avoid break-ins, break-downs, break-ups and broken rods, join four fish bums as they cover 8,000 miles of Mexican dirt in hopes of finding out-of-the-way locations—with fish, and escaping with captured memories.

Armed with nothing more than fishing rods and cameras in hand, the GEOFISH series will follow 4 fishermen turned filmmakers as they travel around the world in a diesel pick-up converted to run on cooking oil while soaking flies at every opportunity they get. With a new obstacle around every corner and the determination of setting foot where few people dare to go, the angling quartet cuts their own path through some of the planets most rugged terrain on a mission to find the world’s greatest spots never fished.

I don’t know, maybe I did something right somewhere along the way in life as one of the gentlemen from the crew sent me a copy (can’t thank you enough). Not really a review writer so my honest opinion follows.

I was excited like Christmas morning to see this. So what did I do…. what normal people do. I made myself wait until this past Sunday to watch. It was my Bday and if I was not fishing what better than to watch fishing. Follow me?

It never goes as planned does it? Because this movie proved to be so much more than any fishing show. Since the passing of Jose I am hard pressed to find something to watch that isn’t filled with product pushing and big ego’s. Sorry for being so honest but most fishing shows (except Jersey Cape Fishing-which is local)  are lacking the passion of what fishing is all about. It in your soul, its flame that never goes out, it’s….life. These four gentlemen get it, it radiates from them. They laugh a lot, they do not give up, and when they finally get to fish first time  into their journey.. you’re ready to for them too.

From the very beginning of the journey everything is well-defined in the footage. You have the pleasure of getting to know the adventurers – the vision. Lot’s of planning goes into the conception of the idea and it’s put together piece by piece. Obstacles abound but the spirit is inspiring with these guys.

I kept thinking where is the fighting, yelling, disappointing, blaming that we have come accustom to with shows even remotely like this. While I am sure it was there and edited it never come into play. You can’t help but want these guys to succeed in their journey and  cheer for them. They just keep on going.

They face so many obstacles along the way but in doing so it provides them with some of the most beautiful footage. I have some favorite scenes like what they found on a beach, striped marlin fishing, huge snook, bass and tarpon. The lugging  of the boats into remote places – through some tough terrain, just incredible.

There really is no low in the video. It will appeal to people on a mechanical level an adventurer’s,  fishermen,  travelers, dreamers and soul searchers. Trying to do my best here to not  give it away, it’s an experience to watch.

The link to get your hands on a copy:

My one and only thing slightly negative… the packaging. While pretty sharp it’s a bit hard to read anything on it. So if your going to display in a tack shop or anywhere else it needs some pop. Because what’s inside on that DVD is all the colors of the spectrum just waiting to bust out. Now the wait for the next dvd.

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