Veterans Day, Sandy and The Basics of Fly Fishing

November 11th –  honor America’s veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good.

Please do not forget how important this day is. 

Which leads me to the all the stories getting buried in the media regarding what the military is doing to help in some of the worst hit neighborhoods  from Sandy in NJ/NY/PA area.

This is a great link to get a glimpse ….

It means so much to the men and women of the military, a thank you goes a long way. They need our constant support.

Any easy way to show your appreciation can be a simple as this:


Fly Fishing

It has been a goal of mine to embrace fly-fishing. I have given it a great try and love it, even got lucky once. But I lack direction, instruction, hands on. I was peaking around the internet and stopped onto the Orvis site. Right there is a wonderful collection of how-to videos and some place for me to start. I am completely new to the very basics. Not always a big fan of video school but now that the days are dark early I can watch these each night. I also will not feel guilty for not being outdoors. It does tend to get cold this time of year.

The link if you’re interested:

Old Fishing gear fascinates me. This had me looking for more information and putting a book on my wish list:

Doug Pollard tells the story of a remarkable 70 -year-old company whose name is synonymous with the West Coast fishery, from California to Alaska. This book traces the evolution of sport fishing for salmon in the legendary waters off Vancouver Island. Pollard’s narrative shows how the fortunes of the company, Canada’s most successful tackle maker, are tied to the fortunes of the fishery. Boris C Peetz, a Russian born silversmith, arrived in Victoria BC in 1911 and built his first reels a decade later. By 1935 the BC Peets Manufacturing Company had fishing reels and swivels as its main line of business. The company diversified into tackle and whole-cane rods, but it was their handmade wood and brass Peeta fishing reels that became North American classics. The tough, uncomplicated design of the Peetz reel has enabled it to stand the test of time.


I have not given up on the Fall Run.

And just because I love MST3K, some fun…