It’s alright

I might write a lot here.

I just spent the last two weeks sifting through my past. Boxes, art, letters, photo’s, memories.  All these fish I have seen, landed, saw swim away. People who have come into my life how they enrich it, change me, constantly give new perspective.

Some inspire and some different from me and the way I look at life. Distance.

For some reason this thinking always starts this time of year, maybe it’s the approach of the holidays and the winding down of summer. It just makes me take inventory of what I am doing wrong and what I want to do right. Ultimately I am the one that will do the adjusting and make changes as I see to balance life. What’s the saying – “Know your own happiness.”

Doing all this made me realize how important it is to meet your basic needs.  The ones that fuel you.  The needs you have that complete you as a person.

Thinking about all this I set off on a hike the last 1 1/2 in the pouring rain and have never felt so refreshed. Whenever I have something deep to contemplate it seems like the trails are always there, welcoming me to find myself again. It smelled incredible, it sounded soothing. I took a moment to stop in the middle and close my eyes and remember it. It’s that place by our-self when we must be nothing but completely honest about where we are in life.

My soul is forever restless for nature. Never satisfied to spend too much time indoors, as I feel so connected to the world. Among sand, sea, trees, mountains and streams is the place I call home.  When I am too long without it I feel a sense of loss.  Silence is better than bullshit. It’s a slap in the face and wakes your ass up again. Start living, dreaming, wanting. Feed your core self as you see fit.

For me it’s always been making sure everyone is ok. But what good am I to anyone if I am not obliging myself in the most meaningful things in life that fill us up, sustain us…… make us dream , live, embrace……

Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.

-Albert Einstein

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Just because there are reasons to be discouraged doesn’t mean you must be discouraged. Choose to live with joy, and with your life you will create plenty of reasons to be joyful.

Whatever your situation may be, you never have to see it as a burden. Decide to see it as an opportunity, and it will be.

If you live with the assumption that you’re stuck where you are, the experience of your life will indeed prove that assumption correct. Yet it is an assumption you never have to make.

Expect, without the slightest doubt, to move confidently forward, and you will. Live with the assumption that there’s a way to get beyond every obstacle, and you will most certainly find your way.

The quality of your life depends on the way you choose, in each and every moment, to see and relate to life. The person you choose to be, the attitude you choose to maintain and the expectations you choose to live with ultimately come from you, not from outside factors.

Choose joy, and meaning and purpose, love, fulfillment, sincerity and truth. Be relentlessly positive, and no matter what else happens, you’ll live a positive life.

— Ralph Marston


2 thoughts on “It’s alright

  1. Wow, this is a beautiful piece of writing! And so true. For every day I spend in doors or in the city I feel my soul very slowly drying up. And then I get out in the wilderness, away from civilization and I feel human again.
    Thanks for this reminder.

    1. Thank you so much. I sincerely believe it’s a connection we all share as bloggers of the outdoors. For us it’s our lifeline. 🙂

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