It can happen

I was talking with a friend this morning and we discussed making lists about things we want to do. Eventually this talk led to tweaking of personal goals and things we wished we did. After doing some real life thinking I sat  down and wrote it out (pen and planner book wrote it). I realized I do have personal goals (see)…. lol. Lately I find myself having these conversations with people about being grateful for what life has given us good, bad, little miracles, family, friends, great fishing trips, … life.

Going to keep this list on the sidebar eventually and  check it off as it happen (could take years). Life is too short and I feel like lately everyday is a gift. I am thankful. We need to keep those dreams alive inside or we lose them. So here is mine exposed… my honest life want to do list.

In no particular order this is my “personal” somewhat selfish list

  • Adopt a German Sheppard puppy to raise and love.
  • Paint something awesome on an old surf board
  • See squid at night Offshore
  • Go back to Montana and fish
  • Fly fish for steal-head
  • See the Northern lights
  • Ride the locks in the Panama Canal
  • Watch fireworks over the water while (woo so romantic)
  • Go out on a romantic dinner and wear a gown (tee hee have never done this – ever -)
  • Fish the Oil Rigs in the gulf for YFT and Swords
  • Hug a stranger
  • Stay on the boardwalk all night until the rides start to close
  • Camp/hike/travel more
  • Write a book (I have a story just busting to get on paper)
  • Reel in a white Marlin and sailfish
  • Keep enough tomatoes to make some killer gravy and not eat them all
  • Talk to and see my friends more, not just email, text, etc

I have more but I am going to keep this in the sidebar and keep adding and checking off.

And what about you… what’s on your list? You get to be selfish… it’s like a heart desire thing….. dream big!

A few years ago this was only a dream…. I have to get back to dreaming big:


6 thoughts on “It can happen

  1. Admirable goals Donna. Especially like the book idea. Its something I have been thinking about but can’t seem to find a starting point. My ADD holds me back. You need to get moving on some of them. I miss backpacking, it was a yearly event in my younger days. Did most of Pa. on the Appalacian. Harrisburg has nice access to the trail and there are some great views up by Hamburg (you can stop in Cabelas now and stock up). The Skyline drive is also a must do. BTW, its sauce, not gravy! I can’t wait til I have enough to make my first batch of Clams Fra Diavlo.

    1. Thank you Michael. Your thread got me thinking forward. It started a few great discussions. Reflect on past and set some personal goals for future. As apposed to financial/responsible ones. Hope you get to write that book. I know I need to write mine for many reasons. I best get out there and start living more! 🙂

  2. I’ve been thinking about making a list of things I want to do this summer. On the top of my list is taking my kids camping(a few times!). I went camping all the time when I was growing up, but I haven’t taken my boys camping in a while. I think if we write our wish lists out, they have a much greater chance of becoming reality.

    1. I bet it would be beautiful to go camping where you live! I love camping. It felt kind of selfish to say these things out loud, but maybe that’s why I have not been able to experience some of them.

  3. Best wishes on hitting your list! Kudos for putting it down in writing to hold yourself to these goals.

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