Right in front of you

I was reading something the other day that kinda hit me over the head. It said if you feel something, write about it. I have not been doing that much lately… been writing, but not so much what I feel. Looking back I stopped doing it, hmmm why? This was always a personal  journal for me that turned into something else at times. Too my fault I sometimes let the outside criticism get in my head. It cut me down. I welcome you to read my thoughts here, share my adventures, triumphs and sometimes tears. It’s a journey, my words are the moment on the trail. Thanks for all your kind words, nice to know so many people all over the world with such a passion for water and the pursuit of the fish and happiness.

Fishing and life….

sometimes it’s right there in front of you

You miss it because you’re too busy maintaining every other aspect

Hide from it, deny it, miss it, lose it,

Chances  are you may never know you missed, until you steal a glimmer of it

Then one day you get it all right, the day, the knot, the drift and suddenly…it’s not just the fish.

It’s a thousand hopes reveled all at once and the truth is so honest, so simply so pure.

And again you remember what lit the fire inside and your back at the start

This time you will not miss it

“When the tides change, you have two choices. You can either stand there, letting the water wash over you and your feet sink deeper into the wet sand… or you can get out-of-the-way. You can move up the beach – or off the beach, if you want. The point is to not get stuck.” –  Tricia Rayburn

I take most all of these pics so please respect that! Thank you 🙂


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  1. Great writing! The best stuff happens when you do it for yourself instead of someone else. Don’t let others bring you down!

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