Canyon Runner Seminar Review and More


Canyon Runner Seminar Review

Had the pleasure of attending the Canyon Runner Seminar this weekend in NY.  Previous misconception of the event kept me away in the past which was quickly replaced. I was on information overload by the end of the day. This morning I was still thinking about the many things I learned and sword fish. I did not win anything except knowledge.

Without giving away too much I would just like to mention a few things. I am a crew member on a 23 ‘ Regulator, that often fishes and many trips have been to the Canyon. Sometimes it’s just the Captain and I.  For the longest time I thought Canyon Runner seminars were for “Captains and Tourney Crews”.

First question asked was have you been to one of the seminars before, the majority raises hand yes. Very few of us are first timers. I would soon find out why. The seminar is packed with information. The breakout sessions are the best I have ever attended (and I have been to many from Fla-NJ/NY/PA).

The very first Breakout session I attended was Video Training – Join us in the Cockpit with Capt Mark De Blasio. It’s taking all the basic knowledge you may have or have been taught and expanding on it a “big perspective” .  It pulls together and the information of experiences shared. It is not only helpful to a Capt but invaluable to the crew.

Please find the site link here and enjoy:

Canyon Runner

Next session (#2)  on my list was one I knew before going after seeing the instructor list I was hopeful to get a seat àCapt Len Belcaro’s session on Water Temp basics for First Timers.  The technical part of this is not just scientific, it’s exciting, it’s interesting, and well taught. I came back for Session #5 Water Temp – Year in Review for a broader perspective of how the season progresses.  Capt Len is a real down to earth instructor a makes you feel like he is talking to everyone in the room.

Capt. Lens site and Information:

The third was one I was not planning on but was encouraged to Day-Tim Sword Fishing – R.J. Boyle. If there was ever someone who can plant the idea of sword fishing in your mind it is this man. Never even thought about it before and now it’s all I can think of.  As an instructor he is easy to follow, interesting and animated! I would encourage anyone even thinking of it takes the session.

RJ Boyle (site is underway – not completely done)

Fourth Session was Night Northeast Sword fishing with Capt Mark DeCabia . Full of knowledge and techniques further fueling the interest peeked with swordfish now. He has a very interesting survival story that quickly captured my attention at the beginning of the seminar itself.

…. I almost think this should be a full weekend as there are definitely more sessions I would like to have attended, waiting another year will be hard.

During breaks I had the pleasure to also sit with the PENN team and witness their Demo…and reel CS. Booth was packed with people asking lots of questions, lots of good information shared.

I also stopped at the Offshore Innovations booth for some great Harpoon Information and Save the Bluefin for information on the tagging program.

Offshore Innovations

Save the Bluefin Tuna

The whole day was nonstop information. I did not stop for lunch as I just wanted to keep learning.

If I could make one recommendation I would say.. TAKE YOUR CREW… encourage them to come. Take your wife GF, KIDS (if they are old enough) whoever fishes with you or has their own boat and crew.

For years I listened to  Capt Don speak so highly of all the times they have been apart of the seminars, read it on message boards, talked to folks. I am most grateful I finally got the opportunity to attend.

* Photo Credit via CR site


* I have some catching up on here to do and will. Best beware I am in possession of a a kayak now. Time to paddle!

What do you think about taking it out on the Reg and dropping it in the water to fight a fish out “there”?


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    1. Great Day! Best part was meeting my good friend in person that I have know on the internet forever! Maybe now him and his wife will do some “FW” fishing with me!?!

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