Tackle Changing Thinking

TCT-Tackle Changing Thinking (the struggle)

Have I told you I love what I have? I have this sweet little  Avet sx 5.3 and  G Loomis reel combo that has landed just about every fish I have hooked up the last 4 years in the salt. It was not always that way… I was a spinner who took time to embrace the ways of the conventional. To me conventional is smoother drag, more power lifting a fish and most of all my lil thumb is boss on the reel.  There have been exceptions when I do not use it;  when FW fishing , fly-fishing (roll your eyes here hard-corer’s-), when I was stupid enough to wrap the line snagged and broke the tip-off  the rod (it went to the rod hospital),  on someone else boat-when they are already geared up, or when someone has  yelled” fish on grab that rod”.

For the most part I always fish with the same combo for sea bass, stripers, flounder, mahi, tog when  inshore and back-bay- which is where most of my time is spent. Even with the repair and missing some of the top… this set up completes me (sounds weird but some people may get this).

My tackle is minimum (like in – you’re wearing that again?)and I am always amused by how much other people have. Some stick to what they have and keep working it and some go for the bangs and whistles of a showroom inventory. Whatever works for you, whatever makes you happy, fishing is a great–> if not the very best activity one can have and share.

My Frightening Fishing Disability (FFD)

For a long time I have had this fear, I attribute it to when I first started fishing.  Using someone else’s tackle and every time I picked up a rod the words would resonate… if you drop the rod you are going in after it.  I became afraid to touch someone elses gear,  fear of getting snagged and always felt like I was doing it wrong. When reeling in a bigger fish I would keep thinking the rod is going to break because it is bent over or the fish is going to pull it right out of my hands. Ask anyone who has fished with me and they will tell you I always think I am snagged but the snag almost always turns out to be a mighty nice fish (I am that sensitive to the tiniest nibble).

Lacking confidence I became my own worst enemy to the gear.  Big Penn reels and Tuna fishing Offshore would excite and frighten me at the same time. The thoughts will rush through my head when I heard fish on…. because the night before I would not just mentally prepare I would think physically also. And the belt, my my my those belts… love them hate them it has to be just right or it will not work. My  great lesson, which should always be taught first: USE YOUR LEGS. Ten steps forward, 9 steps back always, when I fish with someone new or on someone else’s boat. I get on and say where do you want me, and what can I do. But I have so much respect for the amount of money, time and effort put into boat ownership that I am going ask and wait because it’s your boat, your lover (LOL).

Perception is about to change….through gear intervention (GI)

I rec’d a beautiful custom rod for my Birthday. If you all have been reading here a while you would understand the art… my love for stripers and last year my favorite catch… squid.

This is more than a rod to me it’s somewhat of an artistic master piece

I have been out 2 times with it (the new rod) and am scared to death of it because I do not want to “break it”. But now the ante has been upped with this new beauty- (Avet MGX 5.8). EXCITED??? You bet I am! Plus I treated myself to a few PENN items and I am just on overload with anticipation of getting out there again.

Use it or….

Stupid winter taking so long….

which means only one thing. COD?


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