I always go to 25…. two are going to be a lil late as I just got them and need to type them up.


My friend sits home tonight with a heavy heart. He’ll make his best effort to go though the motions on Christmas Day to honor his Grandchildren but sadness weighs heavy in his heart. And I feel his pain and sadness with remembrance. He lost his son to skin cancer not long ago. He was a young man whose Birthday is this very day – this his 48th. My friend himself facing his own medical challenges.

I admire this man, I am grateful for him….he has taught me many things by being my internet friend for a few years now. Mostly he has shown me the miracle of love between a father and son. So very special, so very fragile.

My prayers are all with him and his family this Christmas Eve. May they have peace on this night.

* I am adding this…. Mike’s sons last wish was they everyone get themselves checked out for melanoma, I’d like to help him spread that wish and hope you will too.

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