Life teaches us humility

and for that I am grateful.  I am falling behind on my days but not my gratitude. Catching up on 15 and 14 I thought long and hard about understanding “people”.  Without walking in someone else’s shoes we never realize the life they live. Behind the exterior of blogs, message boards, daily routines in public we all live our own  private lives.

I have a habit of immediately looking for the good in everyone. To a fault  it sometimes has caused me to make bad decisions. I try to learn from them, and move forward. But I keep looking and almost all the time I see good. I am the sum of my life experiences. I carry those with me and because of that I tend to judge people very little. Sometimes I have a hard time reconciling people who can not look past what they see on someones exterior.

I know these things… I know what it is like to lose someone you love deeply, I know what it is like to lose almost all of your worldly possessions, I know what it is like to experience fire, I know what it is like to lay on an operating table many times and face death, I know what it is like to love someone within spectrum disorder,  I know what it means to have your faith tested, and I know what it is like to feel heartache, I know my faults, weaknesses  I know this all and many more. It makes me who I am.

But I also know love, kindness, happiness, hope, forgiveness, friendship, healing and gratitude.

For that I am humble.