Wreck Fishing …I like it

I had the pleasure to fish  again this past Sunday before Capt Don pulls his boat next weekend. I am so happy I did not let this trip pass me by as it was a perfect day on the water. I still look at the date in disbelief with lightly sun-kissed cheeks. Just a few days ago I had picked these:

Sun was high and temps – warm. Sea’s were less than 1. It was magic out there.

We left the dock about 7 am aboard Capt. Don beauty a 29 Regulator with a mission….  tautog and maybe a striper on the way in. First stop was a no go. Only  few doggies. Off we went and  as we were working our way around we got a heads up from a boat that had limited and was moving out.  In no time we were set-up and they were still eager to have some of the crab offering. These fish were much meatier then I have personally seen in the past. I managed my 2 first keeper size tog while Don kept reeling them in.  Bigger and Bigger. Just beautiful! Don reeled in one nice sea bass also. Then like a light switch that was it and the bite was off. Out of GE Inlet,AC Reef, Water Temp 53-54,Seas less than 1 Ft, Bait-Crab ,biggest 9lbs.

We packed up and moved in close to take a look around for some stripers.

There Capt Don took us for a ride in the wash to try to hook up in the sand bars. Nothing excites me more than this knid of fishing. It’s exhilarating  fast, etc. I love it! It was a no go on the striped ones but Capt Don managed to bring up a flounder that bit down on some clam, he popped off at the surface-looked about a 17″-light sandy colored.

Ended the day with a beautiful sunset and some delicious Tog Tacos!

My Dec 4 and 5 are for the very humble, grateful feeling out on the water and  perfect weather days.♥



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    1. Thank you my friend. I am so grateful for all of your feedback over the years but more for your sincere friendship. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful wife!

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