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Special people make the world a better place. You can happen upon them at any time. I am blessed to have two good friends who… believe it or not I have never met but feel like I have known them forever. We became friends through a fishing website, first Glenn then Sarah. They are two wonderful people who met and fell in love. This past Friday they eloped to NYC and were married. It brings a smile to my face to know they are together and just how beautiful life, friends and love can be!

Congratulations Sarah and Glenn, wishing you both ….the Happy Ever After!

Last week I happen to remember my camera while in the park just as the sun was going down. I love this time of year, specially when it’s cooler at night, but warm during the day. The bees are getting a little lazy, you can’t keep up with the veggies, and the smell of fall is not too far off with thoughts of striper fishing.

I was so anxious to fish on Saturday I woke up an hour before I needed to and just started getting ready. Started the day with the sky amazing colors and a hot air balloon just taking off.

We made our way out on Saturday while keeping our eye on the sky. The Inlet opened up to a good number of weekenders out in search of the flat ones. The water was lake like and very warm (77°), on the horizon we could see storms.

We slowly made our way out.  Along the way we ran into some chix birds really working the water, so we decided to give it a try too.

We also found this HUGE beachball floating 10 miles off (we checked for Mahi underneath first)

Upon reaching the first destination we could see the “Cape May Navy” was already there, literally 100+ boats as far as the eye could see. we worked for a while and departed to the next spot.

Once again next spot proved to be just as crowded, and a good many party boats working the water. We stayed out side the fleet and manged to get on the a nice bite. Using minnows and squid again (minnows being the flounders choice and squid sea bass) we reeled in a few nice fat keepers and many throw backs. We stayed until the storm clouds closed in and most of the boats had left. I, being the wimp I am put on the bibs for the rid back and hoped we got in the Inlet in time.

The Capt. brought her right in like racehorse. Once in the Inlet it was a quick drop off and over to pull the boat out to add some goodies. The ramp was nothing short of a traffic jam at the GWB on Friday night with boats lined up. For the most part everyone was pretty respectful, helpful and organized. Just as we left the skies opened up to much need rain.

Completed the soon-to-be flounder dinner by picking some beautiful tomatoes and basil from the garden for Bruschetta :

This one is for Glenn and Sarah.. I know it’s not your style but non the less a beautiful love song.

This week I need to really concentrate on learning to tie rigs, not that I get a bunch of snags or anything.


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    1. …. yes Congrat’s… also to a Barner and his non-barner lovely wife….and for all the nice things the Barner sends me and does! I think you’re next.

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