To hell with luck.

I’ll bring the luck with me.
The Old Man and the Sea


Before I can even post up my report I have to say the 81 lb striper story really got the best of me the last few days. My imagination can run away with a fish that size and what it must have felt like to reel it in. What happened after the fish was caught and word got out was nothing short of  a media blitz of epic proportion.  If anyone has every fished for a striper and know how they get in your head, you know why.  Many sleepless nights before a striper trip. The pics on F & S are pretty amazing as is the fish itself. Just… wow!

Onto the report:

Small Craft Advisory always  gives me that gut feeling of “not going to happen today out front” it ‘s going to be a “back bay” kind of day. Which is just fine with me as I don’t mind where we are. It was going to be a 100% humidity which  means bring a case of water and fruit.

When we arrived at the dock just as the advisory was lifted and the storms had ended until evening for the most part.

It felt good to be getting out again. Although it was hot and humid, the promise of a good day was before us.

It was baby steps out as the weather was iffy with 3-4 ft seas and a little bit of skepticism on board with other anglers and one who had never ” ocean fished” before. Once again REGULATOR proved to be  a super star out front on a questionable day. Capt as always got us to the place we needed to be on top of the flounder feeding station.

As we arrived at the destination there were few boats out, within hours there weren’t any but us. I am sure the forecast of possible thunderstorms kept everyone in the back bay or off the water in general. Water temp was a consistent 77, drift about 1 knot, we used squid strips and minnows. Minnows did it for the day.

The action was a pretty steady with many just at 17″, all fat. The sea robin bite was also on! But for me we went 1 for 1 on the orange wings.

I managed a short sea bass, bunch of throw backs and a nice keeper fat 21″ flounder. I was happy as the filet’s were promised to one of the sweetest, kindest 87-year-old ladies I know. Checking the weather Capt said there are storms lighting up so we need to head in, so in we went. Felt like we rode a wave all the way through the inlet. On a side note the birds are working every boat out there fishing inshore. If you don’t reel up fast enough you are going to lose your bait, fish,and  hold onto to your lunch too. With each move they followed, and we gave them nothing.. but they tried.

When we got back in I peeked over and saw the water was filled, and I mean filled with the littlest minnows. It was good to see. And it felt great to be fishing again. I am so grateful every time I get out there.

* wanted to add – saw two new things this past few days, neither in the water…

Living in a lavender plant…

and this was just crossing the road….


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    1. Thanks. I think we have all been dreaming about that fish. I’ll take my first 50 please !! 🙂

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