In a distance

I see, watching the night sky the leftover flashes of a thunderstorm that passed over me… Seems like it rains so little this summer. It was not long ago that a thunder and lightning storm would have me anticipating each flash and roll of thunder. Sometimes the  sound alone could shake me to my core. One day it all changed after a 24 hour period of the just left over hurricane which became  know as TS Fay…numerous tornado alerts, lightening, wind, flooding  like you cannot ever imagine and rain… so much rain more than 21″.

Now it settles in me and makes me feel life coming alive.  It makes me think deep and carries me away in thought. Sometime things are so quiet for a while and you feel the storm is over due. It arrives by surprise and when it does it can cleanse your quiet soul. It reminds you…

I sat outside and watched it travel away in a distance and my thoughts went with it. Sometimes looking for answers in  that sky… and  it always carries me away to memories of being surround by the night sky on the edge. It’s there in the quiet of the night I dream and throw up my hopes and wishes to stars far away.  Because out on that water at night,  laying still and alone looking up I feel so much love from that celestial embrace of the stars. And I cant stay long from it as the want/need is always present.♥


4 thoughts on “In a distance

  1. Keep wishing on those stars and keep writing your blog. I always feel better when I leave your page.

  2. The second shot from the top is absolutely gorgeous! I love the clouds! All the photos are great…that one just happens to be my favorite. Great work!

    1. Thanks BJK, I see our Favorite Blogger is back! Family Style-should be great new start:)

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