“Trust your heart if the seas catch fire

live by love though the stars walk backward.”  _ E E Cummings

I found out just 2 days before … I was going on my first over night to the Canyons. EXCITED ! Could not sleep excited. As I have posted before my trips have been day trolls to the canyons on a 23′ Regulator CC and I absolutely love it.

We arrived at the boat (35′ Henriques Express) at 10 am ready to load her up and get on our way.

There is much anticipation and talk of varieties of fish before leaving with endless possibilities. Inside all I kept thinking was …. I am going to be able to get to see something everyone has told me about and only hoped to see some day. The stars. I know silly, but the fish come after that. That night sky is what you look up to and make a wish and give thanks for ever little wonderful thing on your life. Because it humbles me and makes me feel blessed to be able to experience such a wonder standing on a deck on the ocean. It’s hard to even put into words.

After lowering outriggers to get under the bridge we were on our way out of the GE Inlet. The ride out was beautiful and we reached our first destination. We set up a troll and were on the look out for knock downs from YFT, BFT, Mahi, Marlin and who ever else was hungry. The spread consisted of spreader bars, green machines, a bird, and ballys with islanders. The water was a SPECTACULAR color with a temp of 71-73. Within a short time we passed a pot and out jumped a bunch of mahi, 2/2 hook up just a short stop and we were on our way again.

I climbed up to the top to get a better look  at life and was captivated by what I saw. So much so I stayed up there for hours. All around during the troll as far as I could see was life.

We made our way through Lindenkol and Carteret Canyons and continued to troll.

As the night approached and the sun set my mind and heart-felt satisfied and content with what I had seen and I was sincerely happy. The day was not completely done for me though because next I was able to witness a sunset never to be forgotten.  Colors like this can never be recreated exactly only blended to give each person lucky enough to experience it a show all for themselves. If you have been there you know what I am talking about. If your passion runs deep you can’t stop looking… for fear  the sun will slip away without you witnessing it slip to the edge of vision.

As we secured a place on the water that night a smorgasbord of goodies were set out for shark,  swords received… squids and disco lights, light stick in the water… the moon lite the sky and the stars looked close enough to touch. If I close my eye I can still see them, remember exactly what it felt like that night. As everyone made their way to sleep I could not, I did not want to miss a thing.

I have met few people who really understand this feeling and love for offshore. It takes you some place so pure so full of grace wrapped up in beauty and life. Makes you feel like you are part of something beautiful, fills your heart,  always… it’s always going to be there waiting for you, to embrace you. It leaves you wanting …

Next morning we did get to troll  and we picked up few more mahi. It was a great trip and I and truly thankful I had the chance to go and see and experience it.

“la vita è bella”