I don’t suppose I ever entirely release a fish.

I may not eat it, but that does not mean I take nothing from it before I let it go.-Paul Schullery

On the water I am at my best, it’s where I am meant to be.

So what makes you feel the best, something you bank inside, love to do, wish you could do more ?

Because if you are not happy, no one around you is going to be.

Taking care of you and feeding your soul  makes us better people. It’s not selfish… it’s very healthy and those who care about you should support that. If you’re lucky enough maybe they will even join you.

I was at somewhat of a deficit because I have not been fishing in the longest stretch I can remember. And to me it feels like a slow strangulating feeling. Feeling a sense of loss deep inside.

I needed to get back out there. And I did.

I am not familiar with the area in regards to freshwater fishing spots that are away from the crowds, not a big lake, something I can keep moving on. I was fortunate to have the Capt.  show me spots. – thank you for that, as a crew member I will be sure to carry all the Offshore Tackle  to the boat again this year, and not complain at all. I promise not to give out said location.

I fished Saturday at an undisclosed native trout stream in xxx county PA. Upon arrival at the first spot I was happy I did not wear my usual flip flops.  First location was a shimmy (and I mean shimmy) down the mountain and not much of depth of water or pools. After a few maybes it was a no go.

Hit the water a little further down and found a perfect spot. The kind you could stay at for days. Using live minnows, first cast at this spot I had the excitement of   reeling in my very first ever native brown trout. You can’t even put into words how beautiful they are. Many were there but it was just a little short of where I could reach.Wished I had waders with me. And for the rest of the day they taunted me and hypnotized me to go further in the water and try every angle possible. Always coming just close enough to show a little color.  Other fish of the day was a small carp, with a perfect pattern of scales running along its fish body. Both  too small for the frying pan (kidding – I never keep any FW fish) and will live to put a smile on someone else.

Conditions – perfect (clear water about forty-forty-five), scenery was beautiful.

In closing I’d like to share  one of my latest high-end acquisitions (hey some gals love collecting handbags and men, I love old reels, have a couple old Pfluegers similar to this Penn, and now I want to save them all).


7 thoughts on “I don’t suppose I ever entirely release a fish.

  1. Great stuff Freshwatergirl! Considering that your blog name is Freshwatergirl this is surprisingly the first post I’ve seen in a while regarding freshwater fishing!

  2. Nice, just found your blog, I also fish PA, we have a hatchery on the property I fish, but also native borwns and brooks. I got into fly fishing, I’m hooked, tying is worse, what an addiction. Will be following your blog, keep up the good work

  3. Aw….seeing one of those old penn reels reminds me of taking midnight bluefish trips on the Miss Avalon with my old buddy Brad and Pop-Pop :)as a little guy.. Burlap sacks full of nasty bluefish fillets..fish blood 3 inches thick on the deck and all over your clothes and grandmom waiting at the door at 6am with breakfast for the whole crew upon our return. Good stuff Freshie-fresh.

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