Getting ready to roll in the deep.

Discovery made it up and down, for that I am grateful. The space program has always humbled me. I often think if I did it over again I would have wanted to be an astronaut. When I was growing up it was something likened to being a hero of some kind, sadly that has been really lost in out culture now. Outside of living in Florida people do not talk about shuttle launches, landings, the space program etc…  and get excited. When I encounter someone who shares my space geekorey  it’s usually leads to a conversation of wonder.

Perhaps this may be the meaning of the euphoria I experience when Offshore. How small we are, how vast and curious the ocean is, the depth, the wonder the mysteries. When heading out in the night sky, witnessing shooting stars, the incredible false dawns, life in the ocean, the quiet.…. I always want to stay longer each time. I feel safe there, happy, and free.

Today my thoughts and prayers are in Japan, for those safe, for those lost/separated from love ones, and for those who have passed away. I cannot wrap my mind around the courage the people there will need to get through such a tragic event. I keep them in my heart and prayers.


Last weekend I had the pleasure to attend a seminar at Tournament Cable @ their shop in Cape May, NJ. It was a hands on experience offered by Chuck Richardson.

The day was full of valuable information for the offshore Fishermen.  Some topics covered where : Tips and guidelines for constructing and fishing wind-on leaders, Bait rigging (circle hooks also), Tuna Trap rigging, and making windons.

We are fortunate to be able to have links to most of what Chuck presented and can be found here, in video form, complete instructions:

I would also like to mention Kelly from Tournament Cable. Probably one of the most knowledgeable ladies in the fishing industry I have ever met. She is helpful, enthusiastic and really goes out of the way to explain the simplicity and versatility of their products. To top it off she likes talking fishing. A short product review had me absolutely sold on a favorite product now Tournament Cable developed and offers (from their website):

“Bucket Teaser” is the solution to a lot of the problems associated with teasers.

A special 6-Arm Stainless Steel Dredge made to fit perfectly inside the bucket for easy storage. Available 3 tier and rigged with several options including the Mann’s 10″ Ultimate Hoos, 8″ Mannhaden, Mold Crafts Tuff Hoos and Holo 3D Stick-Baits.

Link :

Also present at the seminar was Paul from JPR Rods. Paul presented a variety of Rods for Offshore which he custom develops and builds. I can’t say enough about his products and the workmanship he has put into them. Just look to any of the well known Charters and you’ll see his custom rods aboard.

A while back I went to a rod builders class and it was there that I first met Paul. He is an easy to talk to person who takes the time to really educated you on the craftsmanship of rod building. I often catch up with him a different fishing seminars, shows, etc. He is always willing to talk as is his family who usually accompanies him.

On this occasion of the show we talked lengthly with regards to harness and fighting belts and the importance of  having a good one.

You can find Paul on his website here:

Capt John of Caveman Sportfishing was also at the seminar going over deploying planers in your spread.  He shares his knowledge and many fascinating adventures fishing with his audience. If you’re looking for a great Tuna Charter out of Cape May NJ please check out his web site:

I am sure there are things I failed to mention, the day was packed with information and many great stories shared. I am thankful to have the opportunity to spend a day around such knowledgeable fishermen. Now it’s time to keep watching the video’s, practicing and putting it into action.

The season is upon us…. some of us have even got out in on the Tuna bite already…. which gets me excited reading the reports with hope of a great a start to this year…..

May you all be safe.