I fail….

But not for long!!! One of my biggest issues fishing is knowing how to produce an offshore rig, or any rig for the matter. I fail at it… but it’s something I really want to be better at. So what’s a girl to do? Beg friends to teach her – always while fishing of course (bad timing)? Stay home every night and practice, practice, practice? Maybe take a class about it? <—— now there is the thought of a genius. Looking forward to that.

We can talk about this out-loud here… some people cannot tie a rig, any, and are stubborn about it. You’ll fish with them and they will lose inshore 6 out of 10 times.  They are fishing 30 % and re-rigging 40% and stealing all the TWIZZLERS the rest of the time. Think of all the time you spend re-rigging for yourself (or helping someone else).

I always admire people who have all their weapons ready the night before. I want to be like that. Produce when I can be away from the water and concentrate, do it right, test it.

So it’s crunch time. The most important component to landing that fish. I’ll be looking for tips, instructions, what works  the best, video’s, taking a class…. asking lot’s of questions and for instructions, etc.

By spring I hope to able to make most my own successfully! In the past I have had help (thank you). Thinking back too I think I have been immensely lucky with anything I personally produced and actually landed a fish on.

So my plan is learn and practice… just like during daylight you’ll catch me outside practicing with the fly rod (I promise) at night I am going to concentrate on the making rigs.

I want to be ready. It’s important to me to be self-sufficient out there. But please have patience this is all still new to me.

oh and please don’t ask me to gaff anything, I am not great at that yet either but I am a suppa star with the net….. LOL


2 thoughts on “I fail….

  1. You have not and will not fail with the “yearn to learn” mentality I see in your writings.As a child(young adult)I could not tell you what knot I used with the mostly dacron linen lines we had.Then along comes mono and a new collection of knots to learn.Offshore big game trolling requires another set of knots or wraps.Then there’s surf fishing with shock leaders to allow longer casts and heavy weights.After mastering knots to deal with those situations over years someone decides to invent BRAIDS.OK we’ll just start all over because my knots untie themselves easier than a toddlers shoe string.Choose a knot that’s easy for you yet strong and make it your “pet knot”.Years ago I relied on someone showing me to tie a knot but I now have the best teacher one could ask for.It’s called GOOGLE and it will repeatedly teach the knot over and over until perfected without criticism.I recently was shown a knot named “the SEBILE KNOT”,I GOOGLED and found a few variations of the knot and chose “my fav”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d082_tcpjsA
    Being a successful angler is an accomplishment in life but sharing,teaching,and passing the knowledge on to others is the greatest “catch and release”.

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