Getting your fix locally…

Things to do when you can’t fish:

  • Salt water fish stores. Spend a few hours, talk about how one day you’ll go snorkeling in Fiji and experience the big tank live.

  • Boat Show, NY, NJ, PA can go to all but after a while…… not so much fun, specially when the places have cut back so much. But I’ll go because REGULATOR (how sexy is this 28 fishin machine)

  • Ice fishing. Maybe??? Never tried but ……..the year. Would I get bored?

  • Read, been doing that…. need to get out. Movies…. maybe, fastcar show…. maybe….. just get out and hike… most likely when temp hits 18. How about just get in the car and drive until I hit warm weather…….? Sounds like a plan. I’ll report back with pic (love pic taking).

Enjoy the weekend and whatever way you find to put a fix on your fishing blues.


4 thoughts on “Getting your fix locally…

  1. Are you the beautiful mate on the red boat in Mill Creek? You once helped me pick-up some falling tackle in the Breezy L parking lot. Very nice of you helping me that day, coming back from the canyons. My ride is over at the Canyon Club. I am subscribing to your blog and wish you the best this year, your a great gal, great smile. – Capt. J.Smith CC Marina Cape May

  2. I vote for driving towards warm weather…we’ve driven to key west twice around this time of year, once when my youngest was only 12 days (yes days, I’m a hippie wannabee 😉 old…if ya got the money and time I vote for the drive towards some southern fish, even if it’s just florida in general….pack a tent, fishing gear, a campground guide book, and a cell phone…report in when you get back 🙂

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