Whose fish is it? My fish, your fish, the Capt. fish, the boats fish?

Hope your laughing. But really, recently I was asked the question, and I don’t have an answer.

How does that happen? <wink, smile>and why does it matter?

So we are fishing for stripers, the rod is in my hand, we are fishing for flounder, rod is in my hand… but I need someone to net the fish (hopefully). Sea bass and tog, reeling them in and taking them off the hook.. either in the cooler or back in (tog are so slimy).

Now we are Offshore and we are trolling, most times a capt, one person fishing-that’s it. PING… fish on, one person grabs the rod, the other clears the lines and rods and takes the wheel. Fish to side of boat, be it BFT, YFT, Marlin.. nice game fish… “get the gaff”….. fish in.. cheers, high fives a couple seconds to compose and then set back up.

Is it the anglers fish? Is it the Capt’s fish? Is it the boats fish… or is it everyone’s fish collectively if not in a tournament or worrying about breaking some record (which I do every time I leave the dock fishing-my own personal ones that is).

It’s winter, I was asked the question..

So if you’re sitting next to me and you reel in a bigger fish just remember, it’s never a competition for me, I just like to fish. Long after you forgot about that fish I’ll still be excited. Because in my mind every single time I get to go out there is living a dream.

Within this frame an ocean swells – behind this smile I know it well



One thought on “Whose fish is it? My fish, your fish, the Capt. fish, the boats fish?

  1. FWG,that question has been raised in the past and probably continue in the future.As humans we have an inner obsession with competition be it outright with anglers,friends,or just with ourselves in the form of personal “bests”.A lot depends on what type of fishing one engages in.Take surf fishing as an example,you normally choose where to place your sand spike rod holder,where to cast your bait or lure,what bait or lure you have chosen.Now you finally get a strike and you set the hook and fight the fish deciding when to reel or allow the quarry to take line as not to lose the fish.As you land that fish upon the beach you make a choice to harvest and enjoy the fruits of the sea or you release it to continue it’s journey in the sea.At either moment a feeling of accomplishment comes across you that will last a lifetime but you will have an urge to do it bigger and maybe better.My feelings are that if I was fortunate enough to fish with you,show you a few of my tricks,bait your hook,cast your rod,or whatever it’s still your fish and I will be glad to share in your excitement and achievements.
    Now let’s look at boat fishing particularly offshore big game.I was introduced to the canyons in 1978 and our first trip yielded a 120lb yellowfin tuna and a white marlin which I reeled in.In 1982 I caught my personal best bigeye tuna,a respectable 313lb beauty that took me 2hrs of hell to land.Although I reeled the fish in the crew,captain,wireman,or gaff man played a huge part in my conquest and should be entitled to some credit in helping to land the fish.I’m just as proud to have wired, tagged,and released a blue marlin successfully as the angler.Believe me when I say that I have lost a lot of exceptionally large fish due to an inexperience crew,be it the capt.,wireman,or gaff man.Lately I get more of a thrill,enjoyment,and great memories helping others catch their “personal bests”.
    I’m hoping and looking forward to sharing a fishing experience with you in the future.People with your true passion for the sea is rare and I totally enjoy “feeling”your passion through your writings.I’ve been passionate since I can remember,”we’re in the same boat”!

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