It’s my turn to drive

Happy New Year! 2011 – just sounds like a great year!

Starting off the year with no expectations other than the ones I have for myself. This is going to be a goal oriented year for me. Something I have never done.

So, here I am putting it down. It motivates me even more.

This year I hope to fish at least 2 of my top 5 places on my “Fishing bucket list”.

1. Venice, LA – big rig fishing (after everything I have read and first hand reports, I may not come back)

2. Cape Cod, MA- striper fishing in the early fall (have been to CC, even out on the water, but never striper fished)

3. Keys, FLA – a million reasons why

4. Sebastian Inlet, Fla – because I love it there and want to go back and just take it all in again

5. Reel in a Giant trevally (destination yet to be determined-2 choice locations)

It’s funny… when I lived in Fla I drove around with a fishing rod, even the fly rod sometimes. There was always an opportunity. You see the most beautiful things fishing, cultivate some great friendships while fishing, experience an anticipation and a rush when fishing, everything in the world just seems so right. When I am not fishing I feel like I am being suffocated by all the noise in life. It’s been a month and fishing is all I can think of.

I need a trip somewhere to fish or find some deep ice soon.<big smile>



One thought on “It’s my turn to drive

  1. I vote for heading all the way down the keys to Key West…you may very well stay there 🙂

    Good luck w/your list…still working on mine 🙂

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