Twenty three

For people who are kind and nice, not just at Christmas but all the time. People who open doors, smile, say excuse me and thank you.

For friendships we make and people who welcome us into their lives. People who call, text or email you just to say they are thinking about you and sincerely mean it. For people who do things unconditionally. For having one person whether it be a family or a friend who you know, is never going to hurt you and will be there.

For people who have the courage to say something they hold in their heart. It makes a difference, every kind and caring word makes a difference.

It makes a difference to me. It changed me, it gives me hope… it’s the most precious gift you can give.

We  have to believe and not let go of it… it’s what makes the world such a beautiful place.

Merry Christmas………….. with love.♥

(next 3 in a few days-I want to enjoy every minute of Christmas)