Grateful for an amazing year on the water! It does not  matter what I was doing – it’s the perfect place in the world to me. This was to be my last trip of the year (boat is getting pulled today).

Last weekend started off driving at 1:30 am Sun. to look for elusive “white legger’s” aka Tog candy. Threw a line out while the Capt did all of the crabbing (he has a method) for a few hours at the top-secret destination. It really was not too bad until the wind kicked up, I think the temps where low 30’s. Being close to the beaches late at night you’ll see and hear amazing things even in the wee winter like morning hours. The big birds are still stalking the waters and lot’s of “creature like” sounds out of the beach grasses keep you wondering. With no one else around you can scare yourself (well I can). It’s peaceful, cold and probably a little crazy. But it’s for the “tog”.

There was a lot of bait action in the water but no takers. I admit I was freezing and finally gave up after a few hours. Off to the marina, making our way through the towns:

After layering coats, clothing, bibs, gear, hats, gloves…. we decided to only take a peak in the inlet as the wind was really kicking up. It was not going to happen as the wind and tide just ripped. The sky was absolutely amazing so I thought I would share:

empty parking lot at the marina gave opportunity to the very best parking (easy to carry the gear down)

here we go:

Live your life.