4, 5 and 6

My apologies for missing a few days. I do not usually log onto the internet on the weekends. This weekend was specially busy. So I am going to catch up…

# 4 Reason…. to be grateful:

Christmas tree’s! I love a real tree. I love snow flakes and searches for just the right one on a cold, crisp day. I love cutting it down and brining it home. I love thinking about how pretty it will look, how we all have special ornaments that mean something to us. I love it full of lights, balls, everything…. it always smells so good.  I also respect some people do not/cannot have real trees. I love theme trees, tinsel trees, white tress, purple and pink trees… love them all.

I love that people put special trees in special places when no one is looking, and that people sneak and decorate trees, and that a tree that was just home landscaping became a tree that town took live and is shared by so many now.


#5  I am grateful for the people who have helped me on my journey. People who have been there for me when things got really tough. I am thankful for having such strong faithful people in the world. They are an inspiration.

Remember we never walk alone, seek out the good people in the world. Be a good person yourself and you’ll never be short on love.

#6 I am grateful for Christmas music, which I listen to all day and even fall asleep too. One of  favorite: