Getting lost in the Christmas Movies…. my top 5

1. It’s a Wonderful Life.

So much of it is so real to me. There was a time in my life I lost most of my material possessions. From the house all they way down to parting with things that meant something to me . But looking back as hard as it can be, you get through it. Wherever you find your faith you have to stay strong, because it’s worth it.

I still tear up at the end … because the message of love, forgiveness and happiness is so perfect.

2. Elf

Part of what we lose as adults is the ability to be child like. Elf is the epitome of silliness and I love that, as I find myself holding back that part of me.

3. White Christmas

A love story, support of our Vets and the most beautiful ending produced in a Christmas movie.

4. The Grinch who stole Christmas

The original, because we all know a Grinch and we all hope every year will be different.

5. The Polar Express

It reminds me that there are so many wise people I have met along my journey. It’s those people who continually inspire me. Hold onto the bell and keep listening!

I can name many more for different reasons but those have been my top 5 for a few years. I never tire of watching Christmas movies,  all have a great ending and message of hope and faith.

I am thankful for the lessons in them.

Merry Christmas.