One by one, 25 reasons….

I am in love with this time of year.

I am going to post a reason I love and am grateful for my life every day until Christmas Day– I said it YES MERRY CHRISTMAS! Not that I am not grateful everyday, but this time of year truly humbles me.  Like a who in whoville there are moments in our hearts we hold dear to us. It’s those memories and love of life that give us the spirit to embrace the season leading up to such an important day.

I want to be better at keeping in my heart ALL year round. I am getting there.

Reason #1 Thanksgiving Day 2010:

Someone close to me is having a tough time with Christmas this year. He said something like I just wish it would snow on Thanksgiving. I remember when …. etc… snow…. family all together, bbq turkey….

He got his wish:

It reminded me of when I was a kid. I wished for snow every night once it was 32 degree’s. Like yesterday I remember it. I would sleigh ride until I could not feel the tips of my fingers or toes. I lived to go up and down the hills in the county park we lived not far from. I knew my friends would be there. I even remember being very little and my Dad going, just a few times. One time he had me and one of my sisters on the sled, we hit warp speed and my Dad was not able to stop in time before we hit the semi-frozen stream. Good times! Another time my Dad, Mom and Aunt were flying down another hill, the “dangerous” one, and again he could not steer. He tried to avoid a tree but my Aunt hit it, her reward was a nice shiner! That’s something to be proud of.

It was not well orchestrated, people slid into each other coming up in down the hill. No one got mad though, no one sued each other…. the park was filled with laughter, families and friends.

I am thankful for those times. I still sleigh ride until I am frozen. It still makes me feel happy in a very child like way!

I hope some others see the happiness in snow flakes.

Cocoa please?