Stripers, Tog, hand-warmers and victory in the rips.

I was able to get out on 11/23 in search of Stripers . We caught the bottom of the outgoing tide. Cape May rips are there waiting, and oh how I love fishing there (my favorite place). There is no bigger adrenaline rush then to anticipate the ride over the rips with thoughts of fighting a striper. Boat traffic was limited as it was a weekday. It was beautiful out there with higher temps and just long sleeve shirt weather on the water.

Cape May rips are famous for standing waves, hydraulics, and striper fishing.

pics of the rips:


I went 4 for 4 on bass, 3 smaller ones under 30 inches on spot–but one morbidly obese out of the three that looked freakish! The one big  striper was on an eel approx. 30 pounds. All fish released to swim on.

on the way in pics:

Fished again for an early start  11/24  Tog-n King Phil also on board. I was hesitant to go on the trip due to the fact that I did not have heavy gear and it was going to be rough and the temp dropped (Capt said gale force winds-YIKES). I wore a cami, a t-shirt, a thermal, a sweatshirt, a down vest, jeans, boots, bibs and a rain jacket. I also had hand warmers in my pockets the whole day. I am a wimp.

With NW winds from 30-40kts we headed to fish inshore pieces in 40-50 ft. Anchoring up was nothing short of spectacular (it’s a mystery to see how it works considering wind & tide). There was no shortage of tog, just not big enough on my hook. The numerous throw backs feasted on crab. As I looked around time after time I noticed  we were the only boat out there. The day ended  just short of 10 keeper tog (I did not get one keeper but I did give it all I had out there).