…. not going to happen

I need a few more days to kick bronchitis… so the stripers are going to get a pass this weekend and the launch is not going to go up.


Hopefully by next week we’ll both be better and all fixed up and ready to go.


NASA says launch will be no earlier than Monday, Nov. 8. Launch time would be set at 12:52 p.m.

NASA can’t push the launch date past Monday due to beta angle cut off. Up until now, NASA has said the sun angle on the International Space Station between Monday and Nov. 23 will be such that the outpost could not generate enough power, and the shuttle could not dispel enough heat, for docked operations.

“It’s my hope, that given the magnitude of the leak we can get a launch attempt before the end of this window,” said Leinbach. “That is my hope, I’m not sure that’s how it’s going to turn out, but that’s my hope. That’s the challenge that we put out to the team.”

If they can’t launch in this window, Discovery will have to wait for the Dec. 1 launch window.

However, there is a chance of that window opening up a day earlier on Nov. 30.

If the launch is moved to the end of the month launch times would be:

Nov. 30 at 4:05 a.m.
Dec. 1 at 3:40 a.m.


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  1. You a real geek Freshwatergirl. But you have mad fishing skills. Love the blog, get well soon.

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