A striped bass saved my life.

I have not been out fishing the last couple of weeks. Made it to the dock this past weekend to pick some new creatures for the native tank. Managed a few small fish (blue and sea bass), some crabs, hermit crab, grass shrimp, right there. Picked up an eel at the B & T store. The intention was also to look for spot for stripers and crabs for tog. The life that was so abundant not long ago has thinned out just like the summer crowd. It was nice and peaceful on the water. The fall chill was just a nip in the air, but quickly the sun would warm you up.

Life is amazing at the docks and no shortage of  fascinating creatures to take your mind off things. The latest gift was observing three Atlantic Needlefish about 12″ long swimming on the surface.  They look like this:

I got caught up watching this bird stalk its prey and score:

Seems the lousy offshore weather has many of the commercial boats docked. The Atlantic has not been given us/them a fair shake to get out. But it’s to be expected this time of the year. I notice an edginess to many people who fish this time of the year. If you’re not into fall fishing or early winter it’s a long time until spring. Unless of course you have the pleasure to head some place warm

Commercial boats are a great big mystery to me. I want to know everything about them. It starts with the name. I find them quite beautiful sitting at the dock waiting their next trip out.

The Atlantic Ocean:

It’s there where my lungs fill with life and I feel like I am breathing again. The motion of the tides, the currents, the smells, the ever-changing life at the docks.  The ocean will steal you while your there. It takes time to regain your footing afterwards as you feel it missing deep inside.

When life get’s complicated and questions go unanswered… it’s time to go back to what you know and love. What inspired you, what brings you back, what makes you want to stay…

I wish I could think like everyone else.  Sometimes I feel really out of place. I wish more things made me excited …. I like things simple, I have a profound  respect for life and others, I see beauty and feel love in places many people do not….sometimes I feel so different because a striper saved my life.


2 thoughts on “A striped bass saved my life.

  1. Love the post, and kool pics. Ever consider a Jeep and a beach permit to fill in some fishing gaps? Surf fishing can at times really be boring, but there’s the feeling of life in that oceanside boredom once you get through the opening act…and the rush (best word I can use, but still doesn’t do the feeling justice) when a rod doubles over and the drag sings is cleansing to the soul.

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