You can waste a whole lifetime— Trying to be What you think is expected of you ….

But you’ll never be free

May as well go fishing”- Chris Rea

This morning I was thinking back to my first time out for tuna. I had no idea what to expect yet it fulfilled everything I had imagined. People said… it will become addicting. It’s an adrenaline rush to experience.I understand why people travel a great distance to have a lifelong dream of reeling in a tuna become a reality.

I was/am still so naive about Salt-water Offshore fishing. I don’t fit into a specific place there. Fishing to me is such a spiritual experience on so many levels. At the height of reeling in a fish it’s everything you feel inside-held in now pouring out into each crank on the reel. When you see color it’s the determination within you to complete the task and be personally rewarded. As the fish hits the deck it’s the emotion of accomplishment. Then almost a calmness as you experience a goal within yourself, sometimes the one you never knew or imagine you could complete. Then there are times letting that fish go unleashes things you also need to personally let go of.

Every fishing trip I embark upon I enter with the thought of experience.  Because through each and every encounter on the water it brings me to the place I love the most.

Offshore is where I find answers, let things go, experience life unpolluted by the things that make life complicated. I feel challenged there, happy and content, satisfied upon return. In my everyday life there is never a day that passes that I don’t let my mind slip away to thoughts of being on the water…

The fish… and the report


Leaving the dock in the dark I experienced my first “on the water” meteor shower, which was nothing short of spectacular. I never want to take more… maybe it’s because of some of the things I have been through in life-the logic was experiencing this alone was just amazing… anything else I am just humbled by.

We ran out in some long period 4 foot swell and arrived on the fishing grounds around 6am. We began to troll a simple spread of blue/white and pink/white islanders on in front of horse ballyhoo.  About an hour on the troll we had a run off on a blue/white islander-ballyhoo…. it was then the Capt said… fish on looked at me and I took the rod and the battle began. The fish came to the boat pretty quickly but that last 40 feet were a bear … Finally the fish came within gaff distance and the capt dropped the gaff in on the first shot.. in came a beautiful 50″ Bluefin tuna.. my first ever…I don’t think for one second I took my eye off  such an amazing powerhouse.  Life changed that day at that moment.

that day forever etched in my memory



3 thoughts on “You can waste a whole lifetime— Trying to be What you think is expected of you ….

  1. Well….you clearly experience why it is that some of us love fishing so much….what a great read this entry is…though I’ve never fished tuna, I can relate to your relief in/through fishing. Keep finding peace in it (thumbs up)

  2. Freshwatergirl I love your blog. I find myself cheering you on with each adventure in your life. Climb that mountain, reel in that fish and love will find it’s way to you.

  3. (Found you through Dennis’ blog link)

    Very cool blog – captures the spiritual essence that keeps us all coming back to teh water for more.

    Very interesting playlist as well.


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