You know he is going to break your heart….

Oh yeah, heading up this way with all his fury. Taking away the last bit of a chance to put a smile on some anglers face with a nice keeper fluke on the end of the line. Earl- plan wrecker, heartbreaker, all in all PIA. Like a bad BF just getting close enough to not completely crush your heart, but leave a hurting on you for some time. This one we are going to feel for a while.

I was able to get out with Capt and good friend Mike this weekend (wish his wife fished because she is just a super nice person-as he is). We arrived at the dock, crack of dawn and on our way to the Cape May Reef by 7am. At that time the Cape May Navy had not arrived yet but there was probably a dozen boats already there. We worked it. I watched more and more boats arrive. We soon departed as not much was happening. I have been working on my tying and rigging skills. I have to do a lot more practicing, but I am getting there and enjoy it. We managed some just shy and the Capt reeled in a nice fat keeper. We hit a bunch more “spots” all over the place and ended the day with flounder, and sea bass. I had one keeper sea bass the whole day….  managed to reel in every other species of little fish in the area. What skillz…

So that’s it. Looks like that marks the end of the season. But it also means the anticipation of the fall run. I look forward with arms ready to embrace my fishing future as my heart never leaves the ocean…..


One thought on “You know he is going to break your heart….

  1. We had to shift gears and are now working plan E (Earl) for a 5 day weekend that was to be surf fishing…the way the beach tends to close we can’t chance wasting the weekend…bad timing Earl!!

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