Mountain wins again!

I used to spend time hiking when not  able to fish. I found it distracts me, makes me feel good, and boy can I use the exercise. So this weekend I found myself on the Appalachian Trail. Past experience had me on the trail in another state. It’s interesting how drastically different it can be. Some of my favorite places to hike in the past have been Mahlon Dickerson Reservation, Pyramid Mountain,  Stairway to Heaven Loop and the amazing Nolde Forest. All challenging but safe to do alone except an occasional black bear.

Upon arrival I was excited to climb this one as I understood it was a glacial boulder field. It was amazing not only in site but balance with its surroundings. Sometimes we have to stop get off the road to remember just how perfect nature is, breath it in and carry it with us.

It did insipre me. So now everyday I find myself over at a really beautiful County Park doing the trail that is hilly and rocky. Feels good. *Not as good as fishing though.