The sea will grant each man new hope, and sleep will bring dreams of home… (Christopher Columbus)

Variety.  Like people all fish fight different. Some just ride the hook and realize their fate. Some are going to fight to the end after being put in the box.

The past week a few minutes from destination on the way way out offshore there was an issue. I was not scared, been through too much in life that I know fear is your worst enemy. I distracted myself. Took some pictures. Just did some life thinking inventory things.

Clarity… it made me realize my strength too. Something I forget I have. And not just strong like carry down the 50lb ice bags and equipment to the boat either. I had the moon on one side and the sun on the other. Realizing how blessed my life has been. It’s the people who make it up with all of the beauty they posses inside. But it’s the ocean where I feel at home.

Along the way we hooked up on Mahi, then dropped for some ling. The ling do not fight and barely bite, it’s a drop and reel.

During the next few days we had great weather and spent time in all places, back bay, inshore, etc…

Dropped down in back and in minutes had a nice keeper striper (love the fight)…  such an amazing fish.. looked more like and ocean striper the back bay.

The highlight was takeing the ever illusive tog monster. FINALLY got a few!! All thrown back! Like freight trains they hit.

So that’s my HOPE to fish everyday or more than I do. It’s a shared hope of many as we lose ourselves out there and in the midst of life we find peace and happiness for our own souls.